College Chaplaincy Program

College Chaplaincy Program

The College Chaplains aim to support students' social and emotional wellbeing and spiritual awareness through small groups, one-on-one conversations and targeted programs. College Chaplains liaise with parents/guardians, College staff and external agencies.

The Junior School and Senior School Chaplains are key members of our pastoral care team, and all services provided by our Chaplains are voluntary. They work closely with the Heads of School, Psychologists and the Dean of Students.  Students can contact the Chaplains either through Students Services (Senior School) or Administration (Junior School).  Each year the College community is surveyed to gain feedback on the program.


Meet the Chaplains

Junior School Chaplain - Terrina Zordada

I have been working at Swan Christian College for nine years, starting in the Junior Campus as Chaplain in 2008 and moving into the Senior Campus as the Senior School Counsellor in 2010. In my role I speak to a range of different age groups, covering an array of different matters, from small friendship issues to larger social and emotional issues. I often choose to run small groups as a way addressing a social or emotional problem commonly shared by students, for example, grief from a loss of parent or divorce, social & emotional regulation, or girl friendship problems.

Mostly I work one on one with students and have introduced into my work various counselling techniques such as sand play, art therapy, cognitive behavioural and strength base therapy. Students can self refer or teachers and parents can refer students. According to the age of students, levels of confidentiality may differ, students and parents are both made aware of these before counselling or discussions begin.

I have a passion and a desire to help and encourage people to live life to their full potential and to empower them into building and restoring rightful relationships with God and those around them.


Senior School Chaplain - Rachel Thyer

2017 is my sixth year as Chaplain in the Swan Christian College Senior School. As Chaplain I meet with Senior School students both individually and in small groups to discuss a variety of issues and topics, including social and emotional issues. I meet with students on a self-referral basis or at the request of a teacher or parent. I offer support to students and refer on to counsellors and other pastoral care members where appropriate.

I am excited to also be facilitating a course called Vetamorphus, which is a Certificate III in Christian Ministry and Theology. The course is available to Year 11 students and is running at Swan for its fifth year this year. It is a great opportunity for students to ask questions, develop their faith and think through some of life’s questions. I enjoy getting involved in College life through Christian Union and attending camps to get to know the students. I am passionate about supporting our students through their Senior School years and equipping them for their futures.



The Chaplaincy Project is partially funded by the Australian Government Department of Education under the School Chaplaincy and Student Welfare Program.