Our Leadership Team

Executive Team

Mr Adrian Scott


Mr Frank Bowyer

Business and Development Manager

Mr Terry Eason

Deputy Principal/Head of Senior School

Mr Matthew Lovell

Head of Christian Culture

Mr Scott Puzey

Head of Junior School

Mrs Christine Crump

Head of Middle School

Ms Marion Poynton

Head of Swanonline

Mr Gerhard May

Deputy Head of Senior School

Mr Simon Bergin

Deputy Head of Middle School

Mrs Stephanie Darque

Deputy Head of Junior School

Heads of Learning Area

Mr Dale Kelly

Head of English

Mr Ben Allsop

Head of Health, PE and Sport

Mr Jonathan Myers

Head of Humanities and Social Sciences

Mr Andrew Raymond

Head of Instrumental Music

Mr David Hunter

Head of Mathematics

Mr Andrew Matthews

Head of Performing Arts

Mrs Kelly Dwyer

Head of Science

Mr Raymond Hockley

Head of Service Learning

Mr Clive Smith

Head of Technology, Enterprise and Visual Arts

Mr Luke Norman

Head of Swan Trade Training Centre

Deans of Year

Mrs Junnetta Spurgeon

Dean of Year 7

Mr Robert Biddle

Dean of Year 8

Mr Ian Harris

Dean of Year 9

Mr David Pitman

Dean of Year 10

Mrs Rachel Allsop

Dean of Year 11

Mrs Helen Poole

Dean of Year 12


Mr Samuel Tweedie

Deputy Head of Health, PE and Sport

Miss Christina Welch

Early Learning Coordinator

Mr Don Smith

Enrichment and Extension Coordinator

Mrs Merilyn Myers

Educational Support Coordinator

Mr Josh Newland

VET Coordinator

Miss Fabienne Clicteur


Mrs Mariel Howard

Languages Coordinator


House Coordinators

Mr Stephen Drew

House Coordinator - Bell

Mr Andrew Twine

House Coordinator - Bennett

Mr Charles Coghlan

House Coordinator - Kennedy

Mr Ryan Faed

House Coordinator - Mungulu

Mr Ben Dallin

House Coordinator - Shenton