Keeping The Family Healthy

I read an interesting article recently describing the small measures that could be used to help keep a family healthy. … more

What if Your Child Doesn’t win a Prize?

As the season of awards ceremonies approaches, it’s useful to consider how to respond when your child doesn’t receive a prize. … more

Sleep Awareness

Mrs Josephine D’Arrigo, College Psychologist, has put together a blog post about Sleep Awareness. The blog post is part of our student... … more

Travelling the world without leaving home

Not every family can take time off or afford to travel the world, but we can all teach our children to know and respect the geography.. … more

Exercise supports Academic Performance

I have researched the effects of cardiovascular fitness levels on academic performance amongst teenagers and found some interesting facts. … more

Year 12 Farewell

Tuesday this week was both a day for celebration and a sad day for many of us as we said farewell to our 2018 Year 12 students. It was... … more

Looking Out for Each Other

It is only a term ago that I asked for patience and consideration for other drivers and our children during pick-up and drop off time. … more


Our Student Counsellor Mr Murray Guy has put together a blog post about the upcoming R U OK Day on 13 September. … more

Happy Father’s Day

With the first weekend of September just around the corner, it will soon be time to celebrate Father’s Day again. … more

The Boys in the Cave

The rescue of 12 Thai boys reminds us of something we’re in danger of forgetting: our natural default is co-operation. … more