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At Swan Christian College our classes have moved from learning on campus to Learning@Home. This started on 25 March.

Upon reflection, I found that our parents and students have responded to this extremely well. We have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from our parent community and I believe there are three major reasons for the positive response.

1. We have been delivering engaging online teaching content 

Our teachers have been working very hard to put this together. Their proactive mindset to ensure that our students continue to receive quality education no matter whether this happens at home or on campus, has been outstanding. 

We have witnessed Early Learning students who engaged with their take-home activity packs, students participating in video conference lessons with their specialist teachers and students working independently and in community with their classmates through our Student Portal.

2. We have fostered a strong sense of belonging to a supportive learning community 

From day one of Learning@Home, we aimed to ensure that all our students continue to experience a strong sense of belonging even though separated by physical distance.

Swan Christian College is a place where our students belong and are equipped to thrive.

This is an essential part of who we are as a College community and it is not going to change just because our classes have moved off campus. 

Our Chaplains have been delivering daily video devotions to our students and our Mentor Teachers have created photo challenges to keep our students engaged and connected through our forums on the Student Portal. 

3. We have kept a high level of communication throughout the process

Our College has kept our parents in the loop and made sure they are informed and supported every step of the way during the transition to Learning@Home. 

We communicated all the changes, developments and expectations to our parents on a regular, sometimes daily basis and assured them that we will continue to provide quality learning experiences to their children throughout the crisis.

Of course there have been little technical hiccups for some parents as is always the case when introducing new platforms and ways of learning. But our parent community as a whole has embraced the change and we were able to help those who were struggling at first through our phone support service.

It has been very encouraging to see our community stand strong together during this crisis and support each other. Our Parent Committee started the Swan Community Outreach Facebook Group to equip our community to help people in need during this crisis.

They have received many donations that have been distributed to members of our College community and beyond which is a testimony to our Christ-centred values. 

Thank you to our outstanding staff, our caring students who are cheering on their classmates online and our supportive parents who also had to step up to work with us in these challenging times.

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