The Importance of Unconditional Love this Festive Season

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Dr Bruce Robinson from the Fathering Project shares his thoughts on unconditional love in his most recent video. A Father’s love has lasting effects into adulthood and these close parent relationships are the biggest influence on your child’s development.

Dr Robinson lists six top tips in giving unconditional love:

  • ‘Tell them they are loved’ simply because they are your child. Not because of what they do or don’t do.
  • Your love needs to be unconditional even when you disagree. During a disagreement it is especially important for your child knows you will still love them.
  • Even when they’ve behaved badly tell them you love them, but that you don’t like their behaviour and you won’t put up with it.
  • Set a goal to never end the day without letting your child know they are loved
  • Surprise them sometimes by telling them when they don’t expect it. 
  • Write how you feel in cards, notes, emails and text messages for them.

Click on the video below to watch the whole message.

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