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Seen and Heard have recently become providers of the RYDE Program, which aims to assist young people between 16 and 25 years to gain experience behind the wheel of a vehicle for their log book hours, to help obtain their provisional (Red P’s) license.

Volunteer mentors will sit in the car with the young people who undertake their driving lessons. These mentors will assist the young people in gaining 'on road' experience. Each lesson will be around 90 minutes long, and if young people are able to access the program, the cost for the lessons would be cheaper than normal driving school rates.

This program is fantastic for young people who may not have access to a vehicle, or parents may be finding it hard to find the time to assist in driving lessons with their young people. The whole experience is online, and young people will be able to plan their own lessons when it suits them.

Prior to accessing the program, young people will need to undertake one Driving lesson with the 'Road Rules Driving School' to make sure there are confident enough to be behind the wheel of a vehicle. Once they have undertaken this lesson and deemed fit to access the program, then they will be able to start booking their own lessons. The only catch, is that young people will need to meet at the Bassendean Memorial Library to start their lesson. This is just a 2 minute walk from the Bassendean Train Station.

If young people are interested in this program, we encourage that they send us an email at seenandheard@parkerville.org.au or give us a call on 9255 2570 to discuss how they can access the program. Further information can be found at the RYDE website  https://ryde.org.au/

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