Cross-Cultural Pen Pals

Found in: Junior School

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The Year 1 students have taken the first steps towards pen pal friendships with students at the Light Up Ahead school in Kantolomba, Zambia.

As part of their Values Education, the Year 1s wrote letters to the students in Kantalomba and drew pictures to communicate something about themselves while also asking questions to find out more about their new pen pal.

Mr Hockley visited the Year 1s to explain how Swanmissions supports these vulnerable children in Zambia and our students in Year 1 decided that they want to show them that they care. The Year 1s wish to share love, friendship and joy with children their age on the other side of the world and hope to hear back from them soon.

“The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did to the least of these brothers and sisters of mine you did for me.’” - Matthew 25:40


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