Eventful Weeks in Pre Primary

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Our Pre Primary students have enjoyed a couple of eventful weeks full of incursions and visitors in the Early Learning Centre. They celebrated 100 days of learning, learned hands-on skills in the Swan Trade Training Centre and discovered what it’s like to work as a veterinarian.


100 Days in Pre Primary

Celebrating 100 days of learning in Pre Primary was a day full of counting fun! The students used 100 strips of paper to create a very long paper chain, investigated how far they could travel by striding 100 steps, made “100” pancakes, hats, necklaces and so much more. You should try jumping 100 times…phew! It was a wonderful milestone for our young learners who are to be commended on the extent of their learning so far this year. 




Refining hands-on skills at the Swan Trade Training Centre

Pre Primary were very excited to tour the Swan Trade Training Centre. After putting on our safety glasses, Mr Leaver showed them the different materials used in the workshop and how to stay safe when working with tools. They especially loved learning about the giant crane! After that, students had a go at hammering nails into wood; making a special surprise for Father’s Day. We all had a wonderful time learning how to use the different materials to create new objects. Thank you to Mr Leaver and the Trade Training Centre students for a very enjoyable morning.



Learning about vets and cuddly animals

The Pre Primary students were very excited to have Dr Shipham come in and teach all about vets and what they do for a job and how they help our community. The students got to have some cuddles with Bindi the dog and listened to her heartbeat using the stethoscope.



The students had lots of fun!


Mrs Sarah Roberts and Miss Kaylyn Shipham
Pre Primary Teachers

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