Investigating Spineless Wonders

Found in: Junior School

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The Year 1s were treated to a wonderful incursion presented by David Knowles from Spineless Wonders.

The students were introduced to a wide variety of giant insects and mini beasts. Golly the giant stick insect hung upside down from a large stick so that the students could stroke her thorax and abdomen.                                                    

The students were fascinated by her external features including her head, antennas, neck, the scoop on her tail (designed to flick droppings and her eggs) and her grippy claws. All the features that allow her to survive in her natural environment. The students were also excited to see scorpions, tarantulas and an enormous Queensland Burrowing Cockroach.

This experience will be talked about for many more days to come. What great hands-on learning and what a fabulous experience for all the parents, teachers and students!


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