Lilac Hill Litter Clean-Up

Found in: Junior School

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On 21 November the Year 4s did a rubbish collection at Lilac Hill with the Keep Australia Beautiful organisation and the City of Swan.

The Year 4 students were also accompanied by teachers and parent volunteers. Armed with gloves and tongs the students buzzed around looking for the smallest pieces of rubbish. Their goal was not only to beautify the park but to make a safer environment for the land and river species in the area. The students really enjoyed themselves and did a fantastic job in the short time we were there. Below are some comments from students in Year 4.

“I had the best time helping our community! When I picked up a cigarette butt, I knew that I had made a difference to 1-3 animals!  I enjoyed picking up litter with my friends and making Lilac Hill a cleaner place.  I also enjoyed sorting out the litter for the database.”  Olivia A

“I loved picking up rubbish with my friends to help the environment and make a difference.  It was sad that I found seven cigarette butts under a bridge.  It is hard to think that all the rubbish would lead to oceans and lakes.”  Zara G

“I was shocked when I saw a rubbish hot spot but I felt like I was making a change.  It was a morning of adventure!”  Benjamin B.

“Oh gosh!  That was fun!  I really had so much fun because I was helping mother nature.  I even found a cricket ball!  Wow!”  Tanaysha T

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