Maths Incursions

Found in: Junior School

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Students from Years 3-6 will be participating in Maths incursions next week. This exciting opportunity has been arranged by Mrs Moreen van Schalkwyk and we thank her for her efforts and enthusiasm.

The incursions in Year 4 and Year 6 will be run by World of Maths, a unique traveling maths show that provides fun, colourful, hands-on, mathematical, problem solving activities for students. Students will have the time and freedom to pursue their own paths in trying to solve the activities. They will be given the opportunity to experience mathematics related to practical and real-life situations. 

The incursions in Year 3 and Year 5 will encompass hands-on activities by Professor Maths which are designed to be played in groups, so that students cooperate and interact together developing social skills as they work together to solve each problem.

We are looking forward to lots of mathematics fun in Years 3-6 next week.

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