Mix It Up

Found in: Junior School

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As a part of our Health program in Year 2 and our continual focus on Interpersonal skills, we had a special afternoon called a 'Mix it up’.

The students were told about our special lunchtime event and were encouraged to find a person to play with that they don't know very well or don't normally play with. They had all week to find someone or a small group to play with and to decide what sorts of things they may choose to do. Year 2 teachers were out during lunchtime to help students think of suggestions, encourage them if they were unsure and to help solve problems that may arise. After lunch, we had a reflection time (and enjoyed some snacks!) as we sat in small groups to answer reflection questions such as 'what was something new you learned about ____ today?'. 

Our hope is that the students will:

  • begin to make new friendships with others
  • expand their social groups
  • develop skills to approach new people and involve themselves in games and lunch time activities
  • develop confidence around new people or in new situations
  • experience new things


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