Protective Behaviours Incursion

Found in: Junior School

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Year 4 spent an afternoon learning about Protective Behaviours as part of the Health syllabus, presented by Kristy Sonneman-Smith.

The incursion was held in our undercover area where we were treated to exemplary life-stories, role-plays and instructions on safety and protective behaviours. To start off the incursion, we were taught that ‘safety = time limit + control + choice’; and that usually, a person can experience four different stages from feeling safe to feeling totally unsafe. We were also reminded that although we all have the right to feel safe, it is our responsibility to help others feel safe, too.

Mrs Sonnemann-Smith explained what our early warning signs are and taught us to create our personal “Helping Hand”. On this hand, we listed the names of five adults who were willing and able to help us when we need them, provided that we ask them if they agreed to be on our helping hand.

The incursion was quite informative, allowing students to share their experiences and concerns and to hear of ways that they could protect themselves and perhaps others around them. Mrs Sonnemann-Smith’s presentation was engaging and relevant to the students. 

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