Shock Proof Incursion – Kindergarten to Year 2

Found in: Junior School

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Kindergarten to Year 2 classes recently attended a Western Power Shock Proof Incursion presented by Mr Soufar from Western Power.

Mr Soufar taught the students that that electricity is found in places such as green domes outside houses, inside appliances, at substations and power lines. The need to be safe and careful was addressed in fun and child-friendly language.

Students learnt that electricity works in a circle shape and that switches stop and start the current. To illustrate this idea, children held hands in a circle to complete a circuit and make a light flash.

They classified pictures by what requires electricity and what does not, and explored which substances conduct electricity easily. Students discovered that not only does metal conduct electricity easily, but due to their the high water content, so do our bodies!

They learnt the number to call for electrical emergencies (13 13 51) and came away feeling confident of how to be responsible around this important energy source. 

Mrs H Mullender
Pre Primary Teacher

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