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We have been busy rehearsing our Junior School Fenceline Production for 2020 which opens on 11 and 12 November. There are 38 superstars in this production and rehearsals are quite an undertaking.

We have some wonderful parents helping us out and we are very grateful to them for that. The children have been very patient waiting for their entrances sitting in Maali Mia doing their homework!



Grizelina’s Gift Synopsis

It’s all in the name really isn’t it? Grizelina’s father has been busy on social media. He hopes to marry Grizelina to a neighbouring Kingdom to help out the economy of his own. This of course is a desperate last measure before his Kingdom completely runs out of food supplies, which would be a very grim situation indeed. However, Grizelina is taking the opportunity to fleece every noble prince of the gift he brings her. She couldn’t care less about the Princes nor the plight of her own Kingdom or the stress her dear old Dad (The King) is under!  She is only impressed with presents.


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Ms Jane Hille

Director Fenceline Theatre Company

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