Trade Training Centre Excursion

Found in: Junior School

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The Pre-Primary children celebrated their WOW Day with a trip to the Swan Trade Training Centre.

Before we walked to the high school, Mr Newland and some of his Year 11 students came to the classroom to teach the children about safety in the workshop and to hand out safety glasses to wear.

Once we arrived at the Trade Centre, we were given a tour of the amazing workshop and had the opportunity to ask questions. Following this, each child was given a piece of wood, on which the Year 11 students drew a picture of the Pre-Primary’s choice. They then taught the Pre-Primary’s how to safely use a hammer and nails. The children look forward to sharing their creations!

We had a wonderful time and enjoyed learning about different materials and how they can be used in a workshop to create new objects. Thank you to Mr Newland and the Year 11 students!

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