World of Maths in Year 4 and 6

Found in: Junior School

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Students in Year 4 and 6 came together in friendship groups of three to five students to engaged in problem solving Mathematical Learning Activities with their peers.

The Year 6 students were encouraged to remember that there are winners and learners, and that they are all learners for life. The hands-on activities were enthusiastically completed by all students, where they applied multiple strategies to find the right solutions. A great morning was had by all.

The Year 4 students excitedly collaborated in small groups as they aimed to solve a variety of interesting and fun challenges.  Challenges were multi-sensory and centred around students developing their mathematics comprehension and problem-solving abilities in scenarios that involved building roads and bridges, flying drones, playing pinball, following directions to parties, efficiently laying carpet, skilfully playing golf and much more!  Here is what some students had to say:

“‘Balance Beam’ was my favourite game – it was so much fun but you had to do what it told you to do!” – Taj S, Year 4

The most exciting game was ‘Good Golf’.  My team was great at that because we worked together.  The hardest one was where you had to build the bridge.” – Devon J, Year 4

My most challenging one was ‘Towers of Hanoi’ because you had three poles and you couldn’t put the biggest one on the smaller one. My favourite one was ‘Tilt’ because you got to see the highest angle at which a certain size block would fall off a beam. Finally, it was really, really, really fun and was very exciting!” – Paige T, Year 4

I thought that all the games I did were exciting, fun and made me think A LOT!  I especially liked how Michael [facilitator] was the funniest.  I like how all the games were creative and hard.  I definitely learned a lot of cool riddles, jokes, games and many more.  Thank you for the fabulous day!” – Olivia A, Year 4

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