Year 1 Excursion

Found in: Junior School

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The Year 1 students boarded the magic school bus and were transported back in time to the year 1884, arriving at the Old Victorian Schoolhouse in Sawyers Valley. 

The Old Schoolhouse presented the students with many rich and engaging planned activities, allowing them to pose and investigate questions whilst experiencing what it was like to be a student in Victorian times. The students practised:

  • traditional lemonade making
  • sewing and woodwork
  • olden day games
  • doing the laundry. 

During their classroom experience (led by Ms Wyllyams and Mrs Johnson). The students experienced:

  • having their hand’s inspected for dirt
  • formalities of the day; prayer, anthem, class attendance,
  • hearing the list of their previous day’s behaviours and the harsh punishments they received.

The students stood beside their desk and chanted times tables and the alphabet and used the slates to practice olden day handwriting.

 “This is the best day of my life!” (Edison)

“Those children were really bored at school.” (Jade)

“I felt like a real lumberjack just then.” (Levi)

“They must have been scared to come to school, in case they got the cane.” (David)

We all left with a greater understanding of what it was like to live in the Victorian era.


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