Year 2 Science Alive Incursion

Found in: Junior School

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Recently the Year 2 classes were treated to a visit from Mick, a presenter of the Science Alive Program.

All eyes were on Mick as the students discovered "What makes things move and change?" They investigated whether shape or weight effect movement and explored the pushes and pulls in our lives including air, gravity and toys. They discovered the strength of water and had lots of fun making huge bubbles.

Students were entranced as Mick launched rockets and blew giant bubbles which could rest on his hand without popping!  The big finale even had students involved as they took turns launching rockets, and participated in a balloon flying competition.

Every student left the experience with some new knowledge about forces and enjoyed seeing how science plays a part in our world. To see more information on the Science Alive program go to:

Mrs Moreen van Schalkwyk
Year 2 Teacher

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