Year 6 Scitech Excursion

Found in: Junior School

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All of the year six students travelled to Scitech for a day full of excitement.

“We saw a show that was all about light. The most interesting thing was when the presenter put the dim purple light on and we could see all of the fluff on our Sydney/Canberra jackets. Then we discovered one of the new parts of Scitech called Planet Pioneers where we learned about travelling and surviving in space. Lastly we made an animation video of a life cycle of either a frog or a butterfly. It inspired me to experiment with new materials.” - Caitlyn Atwill

“At Planet Pioneers, we were able to drive a space drone. We learned about G Force, gravity and that astronauts have to withstand around 9 Gs (we were only able to create 1 G). I was inspired to make animation videos, as they can inform younger children about life cycles. They are also fun to create. I found that the light show was very interesting because we were able to see our uniforms glow when Ultra Violet light was used. Hopefully, our knowledge of the universe and its features can grow in the future so we can understand it better than ever before.” - Jasmine Hanlon

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