International Cooperation in Year 8 English

Found in: Middle School

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A selection of Year 8 students took part in the Learning Enrichment & Advancement Program (LEAP) for the first time, in Week 3. This group will meet during fortnightly English class to read, write and get passionate about literature and culture.

In Term 1, they will be looking at International Voices, specifically those of Native American peoples, as a way to extend their classroom studies on ‘Honey Spot’ by Jack Davis, an Aboriginal Australian text. Furthermore, students read ‘Indian Education’ by Native American author Sherman Alexie, as a springboard to making connections with freshmen students at Nashoba Regional High School in Bolton, Massachusetts, who have also studied the same text.

The LEAP class will share their thoughts, ideas, experiences and their own writing with these American students, as a way to generate empathy for minority groups and to get curious about people from faraway lands.

Thank you to Mrs Jennifer Panarelli (Nashoba Regional High School) for her enthusiasm and her support of this initiative. It is so exciting to see our students learning with international peers.

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