Telstra Kids Digital Explorer Kits Grant

Found in: Middle School

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The Information Technology teaching area is happy to announce that the College has received the Telstra Kids Digital Explorer kit grant.

In October this year, an application for the Telstra Kids Digital Explorer kit grant was submitted on behalf of Swan Christian College. Last week, we received news that the application had been approved and that we will be the recipients of a class set of BBC micro:bit robotic project kits (25 robotic kits in total).

These kits will be used by our Year 9 students in the Robotics topic of the 2018 Interactive Digital Technologies course. The students will learn to build and program small robots.

This technology was already being considered for inclusion in the Year 9 course, so the approval of this application will provide a welcome boost to the Information Technology teaching area.

Thanks go to Mr Russell Udiljak of Telstra for submitting the application on our behalf.


Mr Andrew Twine

IT Teacher

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