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Last Wednesday was the culmination of the Year 9 Coming of Age program, a celebration of young men and women, a celebration of God’s kindness to us, a symbolic handing over of the students from Middle to Senior School.

The events began with reflections from students on the program, their camp and the past year including formal presentations to them, a guest speaker who explored the Bible with us, and a late afternoon tea. 

Amy Stopher spoke to the girls about Anna, an elderly widow awaiting the Messiah, Jesus; challenging the girls to think about where we place our hope. Paul Morrison spoke to the boys about decision making. It was a buoyant and happy event with just the right blend of formality and casualness.

Thank you to all the DAVE teachers who helped our young people flourish. Special thanks to Mrs Robyn Jones and Mr Luke Norman who coordinated the programs for the year, the camps and the celebration events. Thank you to parents for their support and attendance at the events, many had taken time off from work to share with us. Your partnership is highly valued.

A parent’s thoughts about the boys’ event sum up the success of the evening: 


“Dear Mrs Crump 

I just want to thank the Year 9 Dave project teachers. It was a pleasure to attend the presentation on Wednesday.

The vibe in the Amphitheatre was one of accomplishment and the final goodbye to Middle School and bring on Senior School. You could see these Year 9 Lads had transitioned from young boys to young men.

Paul Morrison (Morro from 98.5fm and West Coast Eagles Chaplain) offered some great words of wisdom on decision making.

As our sons move into their final years of senior college, I believe these were very pertinent concepts about consequences for whatever you decide along life’s journey.

It was impressive to see two students Ashely and Steven stand in front of the crowd to give their views on the past year with the DAVE project.

The strong character building themes such as learning respect for those in the community, teachers and peers was encouraging, how they formed friendships with people. They wouldn’t normally hang out with and bonded with mates, which has given them an insight into people’s characteristics and personalities and the forming of new friendships – all important lessons of life.

The Year 9 DAVE project has a lot of positives to offer the students, embrace and enjoy the journey as you watch your child mature during this year.

My one suggestion to Year 8 parents – attend the FINAL presentation – Put the date in the diary, finish work early, take a half day at works to me, this is the goodbye to the junior years of your child’s education and welcoming in the final phase of your child’s education at this college.”

- Year 9 Parent. 

Please note: Next year’s event has been scheduled for Tuesday 13 November 2018. 


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