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The Living Well platform is targeted at students from Years 7-12 with specific programs and experiences strategically chosen for our students at their age group.

Our students experience weekly workshops led by their Dean of Year, focusing on wellbeing activities linked to the year group theme:

Year 7 Awe and Wonder

Year 8 Growth

Year 9 Story and Challenge

Year 10 Vision

Year 11 Community and Leadership

Year 12 Gratitude and Legacy

The information for the weekly sessions are available via the Living Well platform on SEQTA Engage and SEQTA Learn. I encourage you to use this link to explore the platform further.

This platform also has a number of resources for the entire College community: students, staff and parents.

You can find links to numerous worthwhile informative sites for parents. As a College we have partnered with YSafe and SchoolTV.



SchoolTV provides valuable resources and information from Dr Michael Carr-Gregg (Child and Adolescent Psychologist). SchoolTV provides informative articles and small video clips educating parents and guardians of issues confronting our youth and tips to help you as parents.

A number of excellent articles can be found on this page including resilience, raising boys/girls, trauma, grief, blended families, body image, mindfulness, gambling, sexting, bullying and much more.


Vaping, Drugs and Alcohol Report

Can I once again draw your attention to the Special Report offered on Vaping

Recently we had Paul Dillon speak with our Years 10-12 students on vaping, drugs and alcohol. This special report is very informative and provides educational viewing for parents in regard to understanding vaping, similar to what our Senior School students heard.


Online Safety

YSafe are great at providing information on online safety. Partnering with YSafe for the last five years, YSafe has worked with the College to provide our Online Safety Hub for parents to use.

A great resource which is up to date and relevant for any parent in our community. Please feel free to share these resources with your family and friends within and outside of our community. YSafe spend time with our Year 7 and 8 students unpacking the benefits and dangers of the social media platforms. YSafe also presented to our parent community early in Term 1 this year.


Living Well Platform

Links to mental health websites, rolling for health classes, Family Zone and information of our Wellbeing Team at Swan can all be found via our Living Well Platform. Please use your SEQTA Engage platform to navigate the Swan Christian College Living Well page.


Wellbeing Team

We strongly believe in investing in the wellbeing of the members of our College community. Across the College, we have two Psychologists, three Chaplains, and three Student Service officers employed in our Student Service facility at the College. Please see the link to view the members of our Wellbeing Team

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