PIAF 2017

Found in: Senior School

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Recently our Year 12 ATAR Drama students attended a performance at the Regal Theatre in Subiaco of Nouvea Cirque du Vietnam A O Lang Pho. 

The performance was part of 2017 Perth International Arts Festivals theatre events and was a wonderful merge of both circle and physical theatre that shared glimpses and experiences of life in Vietnam. Loosely translated, A O Lang Pho means village and City. A O captured the beauty of Vietnamese country side, it routines and silences as well as its people and animals. It showed modern Vietnam and the vibe that echoes through a contemporary city.

What was remarkable and completely engaging was that these stories were told through movement and music and the use of bamboo canes and baskets as the only staging to recreate scenes. This was the magic of this performance as it transitioned effortlessly from one place in Vietnam to another through the physicality of the cast of highly skilled performers.  This was a wonderful, and culturally diverse experience in contemporary interpretative theatre for our students.

Ms Jane Lee
Drama Teacher

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