STTC Fathers Day Lawn Bowls

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On Friday 24 August, 50 brave fathers and sons from the STTC enjoyed themselves while learning about the highly competitive world of lawn bowls. 

Building on the success of our Mother’s Day morning tea held in May this year, we didn’t feel it right for the fathers / significant male role models to miss out. Our first Father’s Day activity together was greatly enjoyed by everyone with the consensus being that lawn bowls is actually a lot harder than it looks. 

Held at the beautiful Maylands Peninsula Sport and Recreation Club, where the President, Mr Graeme Jacques, is the father of our own Math teacher, Mr Zalman Jacques, we prepared ourselves for the task ahead by playing some darts and watching the start of the Eagles V Crows AFL game. 

After the rain stopped we ventured out to have a go. Lawn bowls is a game where youthful exuberance does not necessarily work in your favour – a steady hand, good balance and keen eye are the keys. As can be expected, there was a fair bit of competitive testosterone flowing, which added to the interest. Special thanks to the Jacques father and son team for providing us with this opportunity. The plan is to return in March / April next year for a follow up event in some warmer weather. 

Mr Peter Bolt
Head of STTC

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