Year 11s victorious in Mock Trial court

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The Swan Christian College Year 11 Mock Trial Team (‘Mock On’) were victorious at their trial on Monday 17 August. Congratulations to the team!

Cooper (Year 11) and Leighton (Year 11) worked very effectively together as barristers throughout their preparation and in court.  They were ably supported by Eva (Year 11) the solicitor, with her eagle eye for detail and objections, and her in-court efficiency.  Bernadette (Year 11) demonstrated her flexibility by learning and carrying out the role of Judge’s Associate with aplomb; having previously acted as the Court Orderly when the team was prosecuting.  Faith (Year 11) excelled as a first-time witness tonight, and Briannon (Year 11) solidified her skill as a confident and skilled witness who adeptly handled the prosecution’s cross-examination.

Congratulations to the team for their great win in Round Two of the competition by points, and for winning the case on the night too (they successful defended their client to an acquittal).  Thanks also to our coaches, Kenyon Lee and Chanel Dimascio, who continue to be invaluable supports to the program at Swan.

We look forward to competing again in Round Three sometime in September.


Mr Wilson

HASS Teacher

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