Year 12 Wellbeing Program

Found in: Senior School

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Last year, the Year 12 students identified three things that they wanted to include in their Year 12 Wellbeing classes, and, based on their input, there have already been some changes in this area.

The students requested (1) physical activity (2) private study session and (3) purposeful guest speakers – particularly experts on mental health, self-defense and finance. As a result, their Wellbeing program (which occurs weekly during Period 1 on a Friday) has been adapted to meet these needs. Already we have had a session with Headspace, the national youth mental health foundation and a timely private study session.

Recently, students have also participated in an event called ‘The DAVE Cup’ (its name pays homage to the former name of this program – Development And Values Education). This event will be ongoing this year and has pitted one Wellbeing class against another, in an effort to create some healthy competition based around physical activity.

The Wellbeing class at the end of the year who has the most points, will be awarded the prestigious DAVE Cup trophy, which resembles Mr David ‘Dave’ Pitman. Thank you to student leader, Jy Digney and his peers, who have been an excellent support in facilitating this program.

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