Open Parent Night

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Wednesday 30 March at 6:00pm will provide an opportunity for parents and Association members to meet with the 2016 Executive Team to hear about our vision for the College for this year and beyond. 

The evening will also be an opportunity for parents to indicate expressions of interest in joining the Parent Committee or one of the support groups for the College. The Parent Committee is comprised of five to seven parents who are Association members and provide prayerful feedback and advice to the Principal while supporting the aims and objectives of the College. Parents who are not members of the Association are welcome to also contribute to the College well being through membership of committees supporting the Parent Committee.

Central to our vision for Swan Christian College is the development of a love of learning in each of the children entrusted to our care. In 2014, Margery Evans wrote that “… Engagement … remains the key to cultivating students who will succeed by pursuing knowledge their whole lives”.

King Solomon asked for knowledge and God gave it to him: 

Proverbs 1:5  Let the wise hear and increase in learning, and the one who understands obtain guidance.

At the College we are working hard to provide our students with an environment that fosters and grows a love of learning. This is requiring us to look at all aspects of the learning environment we provide for our students. Margery Evans goes on to support this; “the consensus is that schools need to change in order to offer an education that is worth having and teachers and school leaders are keys to that change”

And further, she writes that “If success means lifelong learners who are involved in and take responsibility for their learning, then our task is to create an education system that ensures all young Australians are deeply engaged in learning – at school, and throughout their lives – and a workforce that can challenge and support those learners in being the best they can be”.

"What we should be striving to cultivate are students who care not just about the outcome but also the development of their learning. Ideally, this means students who take responsibility for their lessons, bring discretionary energy to their learning tasks and show a desire to learn beyond the school environment.”

Here at Swan Christian College we are taking this advice seriously as we seek to examine all aspects of the learning environments, curriculum and pedagogy we involve our learners in as they grow through our school. 

I look forward to presenting more on this at our Open Parent Night.

Mr Adrian Scott

Margery Evans has been CEO of the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership since 2010

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