Traffic Flow

Found in: Principal's Message

With the start of the new school year, we once again have problems with our traffic flow and this problem is always exacerbated by the understandable need for our early learning parents to look after their children and walk them to school.

The traffic flow is hindered by the location of crosswalks but these are essential for the safety of our children as they make their way to class.

We are currently in the process of restructuring our masterplan to improve internal traffic flow and ease the flow in the future. This will not be a quick fix but the process is underway and we will keep you informed as it unfolds.

Of greatest concern is the increasing number of parents who are dropping children on Great Northern Highway, even on the median strip or far side of the highway, and leaving them to negotiate traffic and cross the road. This is an unacceptable risk and our children are too precious.

I must advise that I have today contacted Midland Police and requested an increase in patrols during the our busy times. They have assured me these will be in place by the end of the week.

I encourage everyone to allow a bit more time in the mornings in order to meet commitments and ensure our precious children are safe and calm when they reach our College.

Adrian Scott


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