2018 Zambia Impact Trip - Day 11

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Day 11

Today we had breakfast at 7:30-8:00am; a relatively simple breakfast of toast and cereal. We got ready and left for church at around 9:30am. The church service was supposed to go for almost two hours, from 10:00-11:45am, but it went a tad over time. Church was full of singing and dancing and finished around 12:45 instead. The youth of the church led most of the service where we all sung hymns and watched a drama performance. Afterward, all the youths got a photo together.

Samara C


We went back to the accommodation and had pizza for lunch and some of the girls got their hair braided, including me. We were wasting time at Fawlty Towers until 3:30pm, when we had to leave for a river cruise. We boarded the bus with two other strangers who were South African (I think), and arrived at our destination. A few minutes later, we all signed in and boarded our cruise. It was a pleasant evening, full of snacks and beautiful photo opportunities - catching a glimpse of a few African animals; including a crocodile, elephants, giraffes and hippos. Dinner was included in the boat cruise, which was some sort of African sausage and chicken. We watched the sunset over the water and had a few fizzy drinks, while Liam was being ‘Mr. Photo Guy’ and snapping photos of us.

After an amazing night, we arrived back at our accommodation, where we were all tired and ready for bed. Overall, this day was somewhat chilled out but exciting.

Jasmin W

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