Cambodia 2015 Day 5

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On Monday night we held a farewell 'concert' where the Cambodian children performed some songs and traditional dances, including the Blessing Dance and the Coconut Dance. Our students also performed some songs (such as Waltzing Matilda) and acted out the story of David and Goliath (Nick as Goliath and Megan as David).

Most popular performances of the night were a dance performed by the older Cambodian children who acted  out a love story; and the song 'Let it Go' (from Frozen) by the Swan students. 
The end of the night was emotional because it was our last night at Awareness Cambodia. The following morning was sad as we waved the children goodbye to school. There were tears from both sides as Mab left Renee and Olivia. We got to spend some time with the very young children before we too had to get on a bus and say goodbye. Makara and 'his Char-lee' had final hugs, and we left reading the notes and pictures the children had made for us.
We wished we could stay for longer and were sad to go, but at the same time feeling joy for the new friends we had made.
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