Cambodia Day 4 - Tuesday

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Day 4: Tuesday.

Today started bright and early with another trip to Hagar. The minute we arrived we were working hard, clearing furniture, taping doors and mixing paint in preparation to paint two children's common rooms. In only two hours we were able to apply three full coats of sky blue paint to both rooms and couldn't believe it wasn't already lunchtime when we finished!

With paint in our hair, on our faces, and almost everywhere else, we headed down the street to walk through some local markets where some students discovered their tolerance level off bad smells. The markets were indoors, very humid, and full of food! Although it wasn't the most exciting sight to see in Cambodia, this walk-through enabled the kids to see more of how the locals live in comparison to their own lifestyles. 

After finding a restaurant for lunch it was back to Hagar to do activities with some of the kids. We split up into three groups; sports, dancing, and games. This was a really fun and enjoyable experience for everyone and the students' faces were glowing with smiles as they interacted with the Cambodian children. 

Through being able to do something for the children, and through spending time with the children, today became a very rewarding and fun day for all.

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