Cambodia Day 8

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Day 8: Saturday:

Today we began our day with breakfast and a sing-a-long in order to prepare for tonights concert. Later in the morning we had the opportunity to ride a Ramok through town and to the Temples nearby. This was a particularly exciting moment, as not only were the Ramoks extremely fun to ride on, but we were also able to have the Sunshine House children accompany us.

All of the kids absolutely loved the day out. When we returned, there was a big water-fight between almost everyone, and the Sunshine House kids also had the opportunity to do some more arts and crafts activities.

At the very end of the day there was a big concurrent run by absolutely everyone. The Swan Christian College students sang plenty of songs, and also had a handstand competition. The Sunshine House kids showed off their traditional Cambodian dances, as well as singing.

To hear how the Swan Christian College students have enjoyed their time at Sunshine House so far, please watch the blog from yesterday.

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