Kantolomba Friday

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Today we woke up at 5:30 to greet the children as they came through the gates, but most had arrived early as they knew we were coming early. We got off the bus and went into the grade 4 classroom with the teachers and sang a few songs and said a prayer to start the day, it was cool to see how different their devotions are to ours. We then went outside to say hello to the kids and got them in lines for a whole school photo which wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be.

After the school photo we split up to teach the kids while the teachers were being trained, I did the year 2’s and saw the two cutest kids whom I knew would be hard to say goodbye to. We started the lesson taking photos then playing Pictionary. After a few rounds I went out to finish testing the grade 3’s by the time I finished the testing it was break time.

In break time I played football with Samuel and Justin which were the cutest, most adorable kids I had ever met. Once break time was over it was time to do our lessons, in our lessons we taught the David and Goliath story. After reading the story we split the class in two, one half making friendship bracelets, colouring in and painting their handprint on a banner. The other half went outside to play football or skipping or just playing hand with each other. I was outside playing football when Samuel came up and started playing with me and when it came lunch time I started to become anxious that the kids I had met I would never see again so I went around taking selfies with them.

After lunch we sorted out the gifts for the sponsor children that’s when I found out Samuel had to go home and started to tear up, I held him so tight and walked him to the gate. When I saw him walk through the gates I started to bawl my eyes crying. I walked back to the classrooms to sort my presents for my sponsor child, then finding out that my sponsor child had moved schools and I couldn’t give her my presents. So I went out to see Justin when I saw Samuel at the fence and ran as fast as I could to see him I held his hand and kept hugging him every 2 minutes. I looked away and when I looked back I couldn’t see him and I started to freak out and I couldn’t see him through the crowd of kids at the fence. I ran right to the very end when I saw him crossing the road to his mum and I waved and said goodbye again only to start crying again.

I went back to the classrooms and Justin was receiving his presents when I got a photo and said goodbye, I walked him to the gate and I saw Samuel at the fence I was so happy. I stayed with him until we got called to go into the village to get football players so Samuel walked with me and when we got back we all got back and got on the bus to go to the Simba the school to play football on their oval. I sat behind Samuel on the way to Simba I gave him my hat because he was always talking about it and the teddy of a kangaroo so he would remember me.

When we got to the Simba oval the football boys changed into their jerseys and shorts, then we split the boys and us girls split into two groups. They are all so good at football that most of us just defended it was so much fun and the team Davies won 3 to 5. Some girls walked back to the boarding houses while the rest of us went back on the bus to say our final goodbyes to the kids. It was so hard to say goodbye and most of us started crying. Then the rest of us drove back to the boarding house and had some relax time and then had dinner and more time to unwind.


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