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Today before we left for the Light Up Ahead school in Ndola, we were severely warned (mostly by Mrs Coleman) about how there will be children running up to us and latching onto any part of our body (I mean any part). It was always in the back of our minds when on the bus but we didn’t fully understand until we arrived. Once we were there we could see them, standing in strict, straight lines, with a delighted and eager look on their face, just wanting to run and jump all over us.

During the first two periods of school we walked through all the classrooms and observed the different grades. At recess all the school children ran out to the yard and were viciously fighting and shoving just to brush our arms. We walked around trying to defeat the language barrier with at least three on each arm, and one persistent child on our heels. It was hard with some of the little ones when you asked  “What grade are you in?” and they replied  “yes”. “Yes” seemed to be the most popular answer.

After spending time at the school we walked up and over the hill to the Kantolomba village, we got an in-depth look at what their day-to-day life is truly like. As shocking as the sights already were, the thing that shocked me the most (Jenna) was that at the village they have to buy their water for 15 kwatcha for 20 litres. This sounds like a lot of water for but some people don’t have any way of earning money and even if they did, they would not earn much. Their extreme poverty only hit me after we had left because the adults and especially the children were so excited and happy. This opened my eyes to other parts of the world and how different some people’s daily life is to mine. 

At 2:30pm we left for the shops and had some ice-cream. Mr Hockley changed all our money over and we all spent a bit too much on junk food at the local supermarket.

Sapphire Carter and Jenna Klemm


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