Kantolomba Saturday

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Photos Saturday 2 July

Today we got a bit of a sleep in, instead of waking up at the crack of dawn, and when I say sleep in I mean 7:30am! We then had breakfast, which was delicious and got ready for the day. At around 9:30 we left Simba School and went to a small orphanage with about 8 or so kids. We listened to their stories and how the orphanage started and then played soccer with them and used bubbles that made them extremely excited. We also sang songs and toured their house and then said our farewells.

After that Ali, the bus driver, dropped us off near the markets along the streets of the city and we walked through their stalls and then up to Kafubu Mall. We had lunch and shopped around for a bit then we came home and chilled out. In the afternoon a group of British, rugby player boys arrived to stay at the Simba school, which made the girls go wacko. It was crazy! A lot of teachers  from the light up ahead school came for the banquet as well, we had a great night of singing, dancing and experiencing a taste of Zambian culture.

The whole thing was wrapped up by 8:30, we packed up and said our goodbyes. We then spent the rest of the night packing our bags for our early trip to Livingstone. Peace out Homies!

By Lily and Ashlyn

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