Kantolomba Wednesday

Found in: Swan Missions Blog

Chalet 4 woke up around 7:00am to the sounds of lots of birds and insects that we’d never seen or heard before. Compared to the other days, (Izzy and Tahlia) this was a decent sleep in. We quickly got ready for breakfast, which was a yummy buffet of cereal or a nice plate of eggs with the lot. When 8:30 came, we split into two groups with one going to the reptile park while the other went on a safari drive.

Our group were taken on the safari drive first. We sat on a white Ute with two chairs bolted on the back. We drove through a lot of the bushland with our first sighting of animal being two female antelopes. As we continued we saw lots of deer and some waterbucks. On our way back to the camp we spotted a herd of zebra’s with a donkey friend following them around. This was probably the highlight of the safari drive. Although each group had seen different animals on each of the rides, such as one group saw zebra and one saw giraffes. 

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