Philippines Impact Trip: Day 12

Found in: Swan Missions Blog

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"Sunday was one of our last days of the trip and it was a relaxing day and for most of the day, we went market shopping in our small groups. We had a market challenge where each group had to buy the weirdest thing for under 300 pesos (8 dollars). Our group was Mr Bergin, Connor, Matt, Kimberley and Bell and after 20 minutes of trying to convince people to sell us a mannequin one store gave us a mini one for free. We then bought the mini mannequin a basketball outfit a handbag and a necklace to finish off our challenge. The challenge was judged later on back at the vista and our group easily won. Later on, we headed off to dinner back where we had our first dinner with the buffet on the beach and the workers here at the vista came along to dinner as well."

- Jy Digney

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