Philippines Impact Trip: Day 4

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"Today we all went over to the Masa Ati school to truly start our impact trip off with what we came to do. As a group, we brought over and assembled a playground set including a swing, a slide and a set of monkey bars. While we were there we met with the Masa Ati children and we all became very close with each of them. The children were shy at first but quickly became used to our presence in their school. Some tried to help us with the construction of the playground and the rest played with the rest of the Swan students who weren’t involved with the construction at the time. Even though it was only our first day there, none of us wanted to leave the children behind, even though we will return on Monday. Once we said our goodbyes we ventured back to the island of Boracay where we all enjoyed a well deserved and refreshing swim in the ocean. After our swim, we ordered and ate eight jumbo sized pizzas that we all devoured within a short amount of time. After dinner we went out to get massages and our nails done; now that was an experience. After a great day, we will settle and relax before we go to bed."
- Callum Massam
"We travelled to the Masa Ati school this morning and got into the construction of the playground. My job was to build the monkey bars and once that was done little children rushed over to see if it was ready. One of the little girls, Rosemary, really enjoyed my company and the both of us stuck together for the rest of the day. We played tag, what’s the time Mr Wolf and Duck Duck Goose with all the little kids as well as pushing them on the swings and holding them up on the monkey bars. Lunch came and we served the food for the younger kids and enjoyed some chicken, rice and fried veggies for our lunch. When the time came to leave the Masa Ati school I didn’t want to leave Rosemary and she clung to my leg not wanting to leave me either. Once we travelled home we went for a swim to cool off and then had pizza for dinner."
- Courtney Trundle 
"Today was my birthday 🎁 We travelled inland to the school and got to spend time with all the kids. I had a great time and it was awesome when all the school kids sang Happy Birthday. I made so many new friends and it was such an enjoyable day. After getting back to school we ate massive pizzas and some cake which was so lovely of the teachers to organise."
- Tayla Meister
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