Philippines Impact Trip Post 2

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"So far so good! We spent hours upon hours at the different airports and on the planes. The first two flights had entertainment on board so we were allowed to listen to music and watch movies. We arrived in Manila and headed straight to the hotel which was gorgeous! We spent the night there and then had a 5am start to the airport for our final flight. We had to line up outside just to get in and the line was crazy long! Upon arrival to Boracay we were all so amazed, the people are so welcoming and the accommodation is breathtaking. I’ve already learnt so much about so many people and cannot wait for the weeks to come."Chloe Colquhoun

"WE MADE IT!!! After hours of travelling and being patient, we finally landed in Manila!! We then stayed the night in the gorgeous Savoy hotel and got a good night sleep. It was a 5:00am wake up the next day (today) which was our first big challenge. We trekked to the airport and had to wait outside in a line for what seemed like hours, but probably was only 20 mins. We soon caught the ferry to Boracay and arrived at our home for the next two weeks. Our vista house is beautiful and the view of the beach is stunning! We have met the chefs, and people who will be looking after us and they are all great. I look forward to what the trip has in store and all the experiences that are coming our way!"Tahlia Zincraft

"After spending nearly 11 hours in the air over three flights we finally made it here! Once we landed on the mainland of Caticlan we caught a ferry across to Boracay island and believe me, it is one of the most amazing places I have ever seen. After we got a tour around the island and a few key places, we got changed and headed off to the beach. The water was so clear and nice and warm as well. Once we came back from the beach, we pretty much just chilled on the balcony and watched the sunset over the ocean. So far this has been such a great trip and I am so looking forward to the coming weeks." - Riley Hyne  

"At first I thought flying out on my birthday would be a distasteful experience but soon after saying fair well to my parents and getting settled down in the waiting area, I found that our impact trip ground was very approachable and soon my anxiety of the long flight was replaced with a sense of friendship and happiness as I conversed and befriended several of the group right away. After the three flights and a short bus ride I was superbly surprised by a perfectly made chocolate cake for my birthday and a cheerful happy birthday I truly have enjoyed our trip so far." - Toby Tilbrook


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