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Hi All 
We have been in Cambodia for 4 full days now and it has been a busy schedule as usual. 
On Tuesday we visited 'The Killing Fields' and Tuol Sleng, and it was an awakening for many of the boys. They spent most of the day reflecting on the terrible things done during the mass genocide were over one third of Cambodia's population was murdered.
Day 2 the boys visited a number of the markets on offer for some serious retail therapy. The students picked up some great bargains and really got into the spirit of the the bartering process.
Yesterday and today we began our building projects, the main reason for our trip here. It has been busy busy busy since we hit the ground. The humidity has been very high and you work up a sweat just sitting in the shade but the boys have been coping well. There have been a few with stomach sickness but all students were well today with all hands on the tools. After a full 10 hours work today we have made some great progress and we are on task to finishing all projects. It has been great experience for the boys on how to improvise using material available to them and things are looking good. I have a feeling that we will all sleep well tonight.
Robert Biddle
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