STTC Cambodia Day 12

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Day 12

Final thoughts...

From Trent

The trip was a really good experience, I'd  recommend it to the other students that are thinking of going. The thing I liked the most was the shopping, it was great and you can literally shop all night long . Seeing the kids at Sunshine House hit me because I got to see how tough they really have it and I hadn't realised these kids had it rougher than the other kids you see around the streets. The Cambodia trip has been a great experience.

From Charlie

Coming back for a second time re-opened my eyes just as much as the first time, you easily forget the life people live in this country. You easily take everything you have for granted because you don't need it, but at the same time you don't understand just how much you want something until you can't reach it!

Seeing the children for a second time made leaving for good, just that much harder, almost bringing me to tears seeing these children warm up to a stranger so much within 5 short days, balling their eyes out to see us leave!

They made us bracelets and necklaces in appreciation. There's no way to explain the feeling of leaving these kids behind knowing that to tomorrow I'll be back with my mum, dad brothers and girlfriend and they are left there with only a small hope for the future with only their peers to support them. You quickly learn to appreciate all the small things you know will always be there that many don't give enough attention to.

From Dylan

The trip was a good experience and I have learnt a lot about how lucky and privileged we are to live in such a beautiful country. I would like to come back again next year and try and learn even more about Cambodian culture.

From Tom

On the Trip to Cambodia I learnt a lot of new things, some of them being the Cambodian culture, how to cook spring rolls, about the killing fields etc. The whole Cambodian trip I thought was a blast, the only thing I thought was bad was the fact it went so fast. But over all I thought the trip was so great because of all the nice kids, all the sunshine house kids that are really nice and the rest of the boys in the trade center who helped make the whole trip great.

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