STTC Cambodia Day 7 to 9

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Day 7 to 9

A pretty solid couple of days here at Sunshine House. Up at 6am for breakfast ,then devotions and tool box meeting before work starts at 6:45am. Coffee break at around 9am, lunch at 12pm for 15mins, quick break at 2pm then through to 4ish before a drink, soccer or volleyball with the kids and then dinner at 6pm. Believe it or not all boys in bed and sleeping by 9pm!!!
Yesterday was a half day due to the all important Grand Final. We managed to find a local spot - the White Elephant - that showed it on satellite. Those not interested went for a stroll through the local market.
This morning was a mountain hike through the surrounding rice fields to the top of a local hill - about a 2 hour round trip. It was made more interesting by pouring rain for all but 15 minutes. At the top you get the most spectacular panorama of the surrounding countryside which was worth the strain of making it to the top.
Church was held afterwards with Rob Biddle preaching about his life testimony and then also Chumran, one of first kids here at SH as well as the first uni graduate who gave his amazing testimony.
Then back to work for the rest of the day. The rain didn't stop till around 1pm but progress did not slow down. The electro boys have finished 2 of the 3 girls dorms plus all the upstairs classrooms. They will all attack the last girls dorm tomorrow to get it done. The metal boys are on track too. All the louvre blades and frames are painted ready for mass assembly tomorrow.
If all goes according to plan we will be out of here around 4pm back to Phnom Penh for a well earned shower, shave and a lot of icecream.
Tomorrow is the big soccer match followed by our last minute shopping run - for 6 hours!!! Yet I bet the boys will still beg to go back at night. Hopefully they run out of money soon!!!
Thoughts from Tyson:
It's been a blast! The kids at Sunshine house are really happy we are here to play with them. The work is fast paced and is a real help.
Thoughts from Luke W:

The trip has been great.The kids at Sunshine house are always happy and after 10 hours of work we still find the energy to play with them and they love it!


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