Zambia Friday

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Today at the school we taught the story of Jesus's death and resurrection to the Reception, Y1 and Y2 kids. My group showed the children how to make cross necklaces with a piece of wool and pipe cleaners. They were amazed by the pipe cleaners. Chiara was playing the guitar and we taught them musical bobs. They absolutely loved it! They've never seen or touched a guitar so they loved strumming it.

Then I went to the village with a few others and delivered gifts for sponsor children. That was really full on. I went to give my gift to my sponsor child, Rebecca, but she was out getting water so I did not get to see her open it. I was a bit disappointed but I will see her on Monday and Tuesday at school. I gave gifts to her siblings and mother. Rebecca has two younger siblings and a older sister who is 15. The older sister had just had a baby five days ago - she is the same age as me.

Waking through the village you have about five kids hanging off each arm and they all fight to hold your hand, you hear 'muzungu' where ever you go (means white person). Then we came back to the lodge. Some of us had our hair braided. Today was a big day. I will never forget what I experienced and the relationships I have formed with the Zambian children at Light Up Ahead School.

Keren Baleilakeba

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