An Epic Game of Chess

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College Chess Champion Joel Brindley versed Mr Smith in an epic game of chess.

Year 12 student and Grand Championship Winner of this year’s annual College chess tournament, Joel Brindley, shared the spotlight with Mr Smith, the teaching staff’s secret weapon when it comes to all things chess.

In an exhibition match which took place at lunch time in the Maali Mia, the student champion took on the uncrowned staff champion and fought till the very end.

Spectators from Junior School and Senior School who came to watch the match were not disappointed in the spectacle presented to them as the Senior School students who organised the event did a superb job of setting up the Maali Mia for the occasion.

They arranged a video display of the match on the big screen so that spectators could follow the match closely as well as special lighting for the occasion, a live commentary and video recording of the match.

The spectators sat in rapt attention during the play and then cheered at the end. Chess clocks were used, with a time setting of 10 minutes each. In the end, Mr Smith got the better of Joel, but most importantly, everyone enjoyed the challenge.

According to teacher and librarian Mr Mark Grisham, Mr Smith was asked to compete in the big match as he taught many students how to play the game when they were in Junior School.

“The consensus among the teachers that were asked was that he is the most skilled at the game. It seems that this view was correct, as Mr Smith won the exhibition” Mr Grisham explained.

The organisers are hoping that this can become an annual event, giving chess a higher profile at the College.

As the College champion in chess, Joel will receive a subscription to enter a top Internet Chess Club. Here he will have the chance to mix with some of the best players in the world.

Well done, Joel and thank you to everyone who helped organise this entertaining event.


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