Board Families

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The Fathering Project invites you to a board game night for the whole family. Reach into the cupboard, dust off your favourite board game, clear the dining room table, gather the whole family together and let the games begin!

Families all around Australia will join together on Saturday night at 6:00pm to bond over some classic fun. Here’s the link to their Facebook event.

Let’s stay connected - post a photo of your family on Facebook or Instagram on the night with #boardfamily to share the fun. Make a difference, make it fun!

"We want children to look back on this time in history and remember it for the fun times with family, rather than being frightened or fearful of a global pandemic. Dads, you can change how your child remembers this time in their life."

If you would like to join Swan Christian College's The Fathering Project - Dads Group, please reach out to them via their Facebook group.

You don't have to be part of this group to join in on Saturday, but if you do, you'll be the first to access the Fathering Project's new virtual community with tips, entertainment, celebrity chats, expert advice for you and your family when their Fathering Channel launches in April.


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