City of Swan - School Road Safety Guide

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The City of Swan has published a 'School Road Safety Guide' that can be downloaded here.

The guide includes a number of suggestions of things that parents and guardians can do to ensure the safety of children within school zones. These include:

  • Always be aware of children - both yours and others
  • Encourage walking or cycling to school to drop off or collect children
  • Plan your trip so you arrive with time to spare in case you have to a walk a distance
  • Use pick up/set down areas where possible
  • Be aware of any speed and/or parking restrictions and adhere to them
  • Use crosswalks at all times
  • Drive, park and behave responsibly – saving a couple of minutes is not worth the risk.

The guide also explains school zone and parking restrictions, fines and penalties that may apply, and guidelines for using traffic warden crossings.

The City of Swan encourages parents to read and consider the guide, as research suggests that children develop their road safety behaviour and attitudes as young as three years of age.The City encourages parents to consider how their driving habits may influence their child's future attitudes and behaviour to road safety.

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