Curtain Call for Antigone

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That’s a wrap! We would like to thank the community at Swan Christian College for their support of our FRINGE WORLD contribution for 2021.

The young and talented cast of Antigone worked hard to get this show ready for the festival and pushed on despite the lockdown.

Thank you to Kimberley Shaw from Stage Whispers for taking the time to watch and review Antigone. Kimberley described Antigone as “moving, effective and emotional theatre that packs a punch.”

"This new adaptation by Jane Hille is easy to comprehend, performed with passion by a cast who really understand their characters and what they are saying, and (unusually for Grecian drama) all of the big moments happen on stage."

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If you missed Antigone, make sure to keep an eye out for our upcoming Fenceline Theatre productions in 2021!

Keep reading for a note from the one and only Jane Hille, Director of Fenceline Theatre Company and a full list of the cast and staff involved in this production.


 *cover photo by Jason Matz


From the Director

As a dramatist, tragedy is always compelling theatre to write and make.

This is not a pleasant story, however, in this adaptation, I have tried to contextualise the meaning of a young woman of faith who is disempowered by the system of her own country. That message is universal sadly, one that we cannot be reminded of enough. It is also a story about redemption and regret. When hubris (pride) often forces us to hold on too long to ideas to our own detriment.

Antigone holds to her word. She is ultimately sacrificed. Like other women in literature, in her final moments of courage, she reclaims what she believes was taken or lost.     

Sadly, Antigone had little faith in Haemon’s love for her. Although this narrative is horrible, the message of struggles against adversity, hubris and courage are still relevant. A mother’s pain and anguish, brothers restoring a bond a man’s albeit late, an attempt at restoration and forgiveness, all speak to us of the human condition.

I would like to thank this Alumni cast for their commitment to this creative project. They are talented, generous and committed young artists who’ve sacrificed much to do this show for us at Fringe 2021. They have been a privilege to work with. I hope this experience encourages them to push their creative boundaries.

I would also like to thank the community at Swan Christian College for their support of our Fringeworld contribution for 2021. I am always humbled by it.


Jane Hille
Director Fenceline Theatre Company




INDIDANA POWELL                                               JOCASTA           Alumni MLC

SHANE KEEFE                                                      POLYNICES       Alumni SCC 2020

OLIVER STEWART                                                ETEOLCES        Alumni SCC 2020

CHOLE SCORER                                                   ANTIGONE        Alumni SCC 2020

SAMARA CHURCH                                                ISMENE             Alumni SCC 2020

MITCHELL CORPS                                                CREON              Alumni SCC 2020

ELLA ATKINS                                                          EURYDICE        Alumni SCC 2020

JOHN SAXON                                                         HAEMON           Alumni SCC 2018

LIAM HAMMOND                                                   SOLDIERS          Alumni SCC 2020

LAYLA ZHUBAYEVA                                              




Production Crew

Jane Hille                                     Director

Production assistant                    Vanessa Bird

Make up/ Hair Design                  Emily Friend

Sound Design                              William and Carmen Vasiu

Sound Technician                        Ryan Kok

Video promotion                           Andrew Matthews

Lighting installation                      Total Concert Productions

Front of House                             Kylie Bullard, Natalee Friend and Andrew Matthews

Communications                          Mona Humphreys

Program                                       Vanessa Bird

Fringe Photographer                    Jason Matz

Photography                                 Cheryl Lim and Kelly Hammond

Filming                                         Clint Woodvine


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