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Lots of things are happening at Fenceline Theatre this term. A Midsummer Night’s Dream will have its premiere next week and the Junior School students have been busily rehearsing for their play.


The Pied Piper

The Year 3-6 students have begun their rehearsals in earnest. The Rat Rap is being practised Wednesdays at lunch time with Mrs Beth Balla and after school the Year 5 and 6 students have been learning the stage craft that goes along with bringing a script to life.

The students have demonstrated such talent and commitment and generally have been pretty patient, waiting for their time to come on stage and do their thing. I think this is going to be a delightful show, and we are having fun, with this story flip!




Dramatic Arts Extension Program

On Tuesday during Period 5 and 6, we have continued to work on building our understanding of stage craft. The students have learned Viewpoints of Shape and Viewpoints of Time. We’ve learned wonderful terms like Topography and Kinesthetic Response. From a solid understanding of these terms we can begin to create our own work, which is called composition.



Jane Hille

Director – Fenceline Theatre Company

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